Step 1; Quote

Do you have a camera or lens to sell, but don’t want to pay for an online auction or wait for a shop to give you a price? We can give you an instant price, collect from you using a secure courier service and pay in cash directly into your bank account. Alternatively if you'd like to part-exchange against another camera, lens or accessory we'll give you a bonus towards it.

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Click on the Sell Cameras button and create a new account with us, which only takes 2 minutes.

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Find Camera

Next enter your camera or lens model name, such as ‘Canon EOS 600D’, in the search bar and click Go. Be as exact as you can with the model name, as incorrect information could delay your payment.

Select Condition

Select Good, Excellent, Mint or (for pro equipment only) Worn condition for your equipment. More detailed descriptions can be found in our Condition Guide.

Include Accessories

Select the accessories you’ll be sending with your equipment. Some accessories, such as the battery and charger, will make more a difference to the price when not included.

Save The Quote

Once you've selected the condition and all of the accessories you'll be including, click on the Save to my Quotes button.

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Cash Price - We can transfer your money directly into your bank account via BACS.

Trade-in Price - We give you a trade-in bonus if you decide to spend the cash with us.

Step 2; Collect

We can pick up your equipment using an insured courier service for as little as £6.99. Simply contact us via e-mail or phone to let us know you'd like us to book a collection.

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My Quotes

Before you send the camera or lens to us, head into your account and click on the My Quotes link. Enter the serial number in the available box, then highlight the tick box to select the quote, followed by the tick box below to accept the terms and conditions. Finally click on the Accept selected quotes button.

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Print PDF

Go into the My Orders section of the website, and click on the PDF icon next to the desired quote. This will open up the order in your PDF viewer, so it can be printed out and included in the box with your equipment.

Include Identification

You can photocopy your passport or driver's licence and put it in the box with your equipment, or take an image of the ID and e-mail it to

Print Our Address

Either print or write our address on the outside of the box; Camera Jungle, E5 Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2NY, UK. Also include the CM number on the box, which appears at the bottom of the purchase order.

Your Package Checklist

Camera Search

    Your camera and/or lens and accessories

    A printout of your purchase order

    A photocopy of your driver's licence or passport

Camera Quote

Once the equipment is inspected we can transfer the cash to you via BACs, or you can part-exchange your equipment and buy a used or new camera, lens or accessory from us.

Part Exchange


If you decide to spend the money with us, we'll reward you with a Trade-in Bonus. This can be spent on any item in stock at Camera Jungle, whether used or new.



Alternatively we can put the cash straight into your account via BACs transfer, or send you a cheque. We'll contact you via e-mail to check what you'd like to do after we've inspected your equipment.

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Postal Address: E5 Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2NY, UK

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