Nikon AF DX 10.5mm f/2.8G ED Fisheye Lens

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The Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye lens enables a unique 180-degree picture angle, close focusing down to 14cm and the kind of incredible depth of field (DOF) properties characteristic of fisheye lenses.

  • Ultra-wideangle focal lenght of 10.5mm - diagonal fish-eye lens (Equivalent to 16mm on a 35mm format SLR camera)
  • Minimum focus distance of 0.14m (5.5 in.), or (0.03m (1.2 in.) from the lens front, makes extreme close-ups possible
  • Nikon's Close-Range Correction (CRC) provides high performance for sharper images


  • Bag/Case size (not supplied): Lens Case 1s
  • Dimensions for Lenses: 63 x 62.5mm
  • Weight (g): 300g
  • Type: Fisheye, Fixed Focal Length
  • Lens Fitting: Nikon F (DX)
  • Filter - Size: N/A
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