What We Buy

Digital SLRs

We Buy

    Nikon DSLRs
    Canon DSLRs
    Sony DSLRs with 2 digit names (e.g. A37, A77 etc) but not 3 digit names (e.g. A390, A500 etc)

We Don't Buy

    DSLRs from Fujifilm, Olympus, Sigma, Pentax or Samsung or anyone else.
    Film / analogue cameras of any kind

DSLR Lenses

We Buy

    Auto-focus lenses to fit Nikon, Canon & Sony DSLR bodies, made by:
    Nikon, Canon, Sony, Tamron & Sigma

We Don't Buy

    Manual focus lenses of any kind
    Lenses for any system other than Nikon, Canon or Sony

All lenses must offer auto-focus.

Compact System Cameras

We Buy

    Fujifilm X-series CSCs
    Sony Alpha & NEX CSCs
    LUMIX / Panasonic CSCs
    Olympus OM-D & PEN CSCs
    Nikon 1 CSCs
    Leica M Cameras

We Don't Buy

    Samsung or Pentax systems

Compact System Cameras Lenses

We Buy

    Auto-focus lenses for the above systems made by the original manufacturer, Tamron or Sigma

We Don't Buy

    Samsung or Pentax fit lenses


We Buy

    Only high-end compacts designed for hobbyists and pros, typically featuring full manual modes and robust build e.g. Canon G-series, Fujifilm X-series

We Don't Buy

    Most compact cameras. Most are simply not built to last and there is little secondhand demand.

Everything else

We Buy

    Flashguns for Nikon, Canon & Sony DSLRs
    Battery Grips for Nikon, Canon & Sony DSLRs
    Selected accessories for the above CSC systems

We Don't Buy

    Memory cards
    Film cameras
    Video cameras (other than those listed above)

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