Help and FAQs


  1. Are you based in the UK?
    Yes, we're based Marlow, Buckinghamshire.
  2. Who owns Camera Jungle?
    Camera Jungle Ltd is owned by Jessops (Group) Ltd
  3. Who works at Camera Jungle?
    The Camera Jungle team is staffed by photographers and product managers with over ten years' experience in the photographic industry.
  4. When were you launched?
    Camera Jungle was launched in early 2013.
  5. Do you buy anything other than digital cameras?
    We also buy lenses, flash guns and battery grips.


  1. How much will delivery cost?
    Delivery to the large percentage of mainland UK costs £4.99, and each item is sent using the UK Mail courier service, and is fully insured. Orders placed on a working day before 8pm, will be dispatched on the same day. Orders placed on the weekend before Sunday 2pm, will also be dispatched. If you live in a rural area, or on an island within the UK, contact us for more details. Some parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland will incur a higher charge and longer delivery times.
  2. What happens if I am not home when my camera or lens arrives?
    All items must be signed for and will not be left without a signature.
  3. Can I have my equipment sent to work?
    Yes, so long as the payment is made by card and passes the banking / PayPal checks then we can ship to a different address. Finance orders must be shipped to the address your bank card is registered at.
  4. Where do you deliver to?
    We deliver to the UK and Ireland. The cost and delivery time differs depending on the country, but to the majority of England, Scotland and Wales the service offered is next day delivery at £4.99.
  5. How long does delivery take?
    As long as the item is ordered before 8pm, between Monday to Friday and up to 2pm on Sunday and passes all banking checks, the item will be with you the next working day, unless you live outside of mainland UK. If it is national holiday it will be dispatched on the next available working day.
  6. Do I have to be at home for the delivery?
    Yes our items require a signature upon delivery.
  7. Will all of my equipment come in one box?
    Where possible we will try and put every item you order in a single shipping box, even though all the individual items will be boxed separately.
  8. If I buy a camera or lens will it come with a manufacturer box?
    If there is a manufacturer's box in one of the item's photographs then it comes with the item. If not a Camera Jungle box will be supplied. We rather like our bespoke Camera Jungle boxes as they're even better at protecting fragile photographic equipment then many manufacturer's boxes.
  9. Is your delivery insured?
    Yes, our delivery is insured against loss and damage.
  10. Do you send outside of the UK?
    We only deliver to the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland at the moment. Unfortunately we cannot ship outside these areas.
  11. What courier company do you use?
    We use UK Mail as our delivery service and we think they are very good. Unfortunately we are not able to offer an alternative courier.


  1. Why do I have to register?
    We ask you to register in order to pay you as rapidly as possible when you're trading an item in, as money can be paid directly into your bank account as soon as the equipment has been inspected. This also helps us prevent fraud, insuring stolen or cloned credit cards aren't used to make purchases by matching addresses and other details to those given by the bank.
  2. How long is my quote valid for?
    Your quote will stay valid for seven days, after which you'll need to generate a new one. Once we've received the camera or lens we'll contact you to confirm the price.
  3. Will you collect from me?
    We can book a courier to collect from you if required. Contact us via e-mail for a quotation.
  4. How much difference do the accessories make?
    Depending on the camera or lens a missing accessory can make a significant amount of difference to the value. For example a battery charger for an older DSLR, such as a Canon EOS 1D Mark II, will be more difficult for us to source and therefore makes a significant effect on whether or not the camera is eligible for a trade-in.
  5. What do the condition ratings mean?
    Each item is judged on a number of criteria, including the amount of accessories missing and general level of use, then given a rating of Well Used, Good, Excellent or Mint. Well Used means a high level of use (although only applies to professional-level products), but the camera is otherwise in decent condition, Good translates into a medium level of use but few signs of wear, Excellent means little sign of use and Mint means virtually as new. For more information go to our condition guide.
  6. How long will it take to receive my money?
    We'll pay you via your Camera Jungle account as soon as your equipment has been assessed and the value confirmed, payment will normally reach your bank account within 7 - 10 working days.
  7. What happens if I get the condition rating wrong/find an accessory after accepting the quote?
    We will contact you once the condition rating has been confirmed, and if there has been any adjustments in the value. You then have the option to have your goods returned, or accept the new quote. We can adjust the quote if you locate an accessory, simply contact us as soon as possible, even if the item has already been processed and valuation confirmed.
  8. Will you give me extra cash for spare batteries, memory cards or bags I send with my camera or lens?
    We do not give any extra money for accessories, other than those originally included with the camera. We do buy flashguns and battery grips made by Sony, Canon and Nikon.
  9. Why would you send a camera or lens back?
    We would send a camera or lens back if the condition is not acceptable for sale. If there has been significant enough damage so the camera or lens does not function fully or properly, such as a deep scratch on the lens surface or corroded battery contacts. For more information on this go to our What We Don't Buy page.
  10. Do you buy film cameras or digital compact cameras?
    We don't buy film cameras at this time, although we do buy some digital compact cameras such as the Canon PowerShot G series. If you are unable to find your digital compact camera listed within the sell cameras section send us an e-mail and we'll let you know if we'll be interested in purchasing it.
  11. Do you buy old SLR lenses?
    As long as the lens is compatible with current Canon, Nikon and Sony digital SLRs, yes. We don't take manual focus only lenses, or those for systems we don't stock such as Pentax and Samsung.
  12. Do you buy Pentax, Samsung or Olympus DSLRs?
    No. We may look to purchase Olympus, Pentax and Samsung lenses and bodies at some point in the future, but not at the moment. It's all a matter of demand.
  13. Do I need to pay VAT if I’m selling from my business?
    If you're a retailer, no. Under the VAT Margin Scheme, secondhand goods do not need to have VAT included, so long as you don’t make a profit on the deal. Just make sure the following wording is included on any correspondence related to the sale; “EU VAT Margin Scheme applied: Margin Scheme for secondhand goods. No input tax can be claimed. Note: invoices which show a separate VAT amount cannot be accepted.” If you're a professional photographer, it depends. If you bought the item from new and paid via a VAT invoice, you will need to charge VAT (unless you operate under the VAT margin scheme). You will need to provide a VAT invoice for us to pay, in which case please contact us for further information. If you bought the item secondhand, or didn’t claim VAT on the original purchase, then you don’t need to charge VAT.
  14. Why do I need a Camera Jungle account?
    A Camera Jungle account allows you to instantly receive trade-in cash from us, and prevent fraud by confirming the identity of anyone buying from or selling to us.
  15. Where do my quotes go after I save them?
    Your quotes go into the My Quotes section of your account, and can by accessed by logging in. For more information on how to sell an item to us, go to the How To Sell To Us page.
  16. How do I make a quote?
    You first need to create a Camera Jungle account, then search for your item in the Sell Cameras section. Once you find the camera or lens select the condition and accessories, then Save Quote. This will put the quote into your My Quotes area, where you can access it and print out the purchase order PDF file. For more information head to the the How To Sell To Us page
  17. I’ve made a quote, what do I do now?
    First of all head to the My Quotes section of your Camera Jungle account, and print out the Purchase Order PDF file. You'll need a copy of either your driving licence or passport to put in the box with your equipment and Purchase Order, or you can scan and e-mail it to us. Using a secure delivery service send the equipment to us and we'll contact you when the valuation has been confirmed. For more information head to the How To Sell To Us page.
  18. I’ve made a quote I don’t want, how do I delete it?
    A quote is only valid for seven days, so you can allow it to expire by not actioning it for 8 days or more. Alternatively you can contact us to delete the quote.
  19. Why do you need my ID?
    We request ID when an item is being sold to us to prevent fraud. This allows us to match the details on the identification with those entered to the website, and those on the bank account details supplied.
  20. How will you give me my money?
    As soon as your items have been inspected the money will be ready to pay to you. We transfer your money by BACS transfer. Once you have an email from us confirming your items have been successfully inspected, please reply with your bank sort and account numbers and will arrange the payment. N.B. UK banks normally take 3-4 working days to fully process a BACS payment.
  21. How should I send my ID to you?
    You can either send a copy of the ID with the item you are selling, or e-mail it to us.
  22. Can I sell my camera to you if I don’t have ID?
    We require a form of identification to accept a sale, as it helps prevent fraud and verify the details entered on the Camera Jungle account match the bank account details supplied.
  23. Why don’t you show shutter actuations?
    Although some models can record and report shutter actuations, not all DSLRs can. In a number of instances the shutter actuations are only accessible through unverified third party software or websites. We will endeavour to supply shutter actuations when requested, if we are able to.
  24. Will you send my items back if I’m unhappy with the quote?
    Yes. We will send you an e-mail to confirm our valuation, and if you're unhappy with the quote we can discuss the camera or lens being returned to you.


  1. What do I do if the camera breaks or doesn’t work?
    Contact us via e-mail to relay the issue with the camera, lens or accessory. If a manufacturer's fault has occurred we'll organise collection, and either repair or replace the item. If the camera has been broken or damaged by other means, you can still contact us for advice on how to proceed.
  2. What if the shutter count of my used camera is high?
    Digital SLRs shutters are guaranteed for an extensive level of use, so even a high count can still be within acceptable levels. If the shutter actuations are within 10% of the expected life span contact us prior to selling the camera, as it may affect the condition rating and whether we will accept the camera.
  3. What if I change my mind after ordering a camera?
    We offer a 14 day quibble-free money back guarantee, allowing you to return the unused camera for a full refund. If you change your mind prior to the item being sent, we may be able to cancel the order prior to it being sent, but you'll need to contact us immediately.
  4. How can I pay you?
    We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal as payment methods. We don't retain payment information and use the Visa and Mastercard secure systems to prevent fraud. You can apply for finance on any purchase over £300.
  5. Why should I buy from you instead of some of the older retailers?
    At Camera Jungle we specialise in buying and selling used equipment, giving you the ability to instantly get a price for your equipment without the need to call us or visit a shop. We believe that this, along with cleaning sensors and lenses and supplying the necessary accessories to get you started, regardless of the age, makes us unique amongst retailers. We are staffed by enthusiastic, former professional photographers, journalists and product managers with nearly twenty years of experience working in the photographic industry that are available via e-mail or phone 9am-5pm Monday to Friday to advise you. Every used item on the website is photographed individually, so the item you're purchasing is the model you'll be buying, and can be closely inspected before buying via our high-res imagery.
  6. Do you sell studio lights?
    We don't sell studio lights at this point, although we're constantly reviewing our stocks and seeking out new, innovative products.
Help & FAQs